All About Our Toddler Room!

Each day we have five children in our class and one teacher, Miss Denise.   She has been with The Clubhouse since February 2017 and was working with young children many years prior to joining us.   Miss Denise  loves to help the children learn while playing (without them even knowing) and always has time for hugs!   We want to assure you that your child will have the best care possible while receiving all the TLC we have to offer.

NOW A FEW WORDS FROM OUR TODDLERS: You are probably wondering how we spend our day. We open at 6:30 and spend the morning settling in and spending time with our friends. Before breakfast we usually have a movement activity, sing songs or read books. The Clubhouse provides breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. The toddler room is a very busy and active room but our schedule is basically the same. TODDLERS NEED CONSISTENCY!

We have an arts and craft project each day which may consist of painting, gluing, coloring or it may be texture play (messy play!). This is the time our teacher encourages creativity, curiosity, and experiencing new things. We are never forced to participate but are always encouraged to join in.

Miss Denise is always working on our developmental, social and academic skills (pretty much in that order).  Some of the messy plays we experience are playing in shaving cream, water, rice, paint, goop, etc.  This type of play covers many areas of learning.  For example when we play in shaving cream our teacher will give us each a pile that we get to put our hands in and squish it between our fingers.  We can make big circles, little circles or draw pictures in it.  Sometimes our teacher will add a drop of paint and we can change the color or maybe we will drive a small car through it.  We may even make animal prints with our plastic animals. There are a lot of different objects that can be incorporated in this play. Now, what have we learned?

First, we are developing the small muscles in our fingers (fine motor skills) and developing eye-hand coordination.  When we make big circles we work on our gross motor skills.  We use our sense of touch, smell, taste (yuck!), vision and of course, we listen to our teacher and each other. Our social skills are enhanced as we learn to play next to our friends without using their cream and by not putting shaving cream on them.

We learn to follow rules because if we get up and walk around the room, Miss Denise will remind us to go back to the table or we will be all done.  We learn about colors, shapes, animals or anything else that may be incorporated in our play that day. …and you thought all we were doing was playing!

Gross motor development is a biggie in the toddler room.  There are times when we are allowed to just go.  Our teacher watches us and facilitates our play but we are allowed to choose with what or with whom we will play.  Studies show that we learn best when we are allowed to choose our own play and are given enough time to have fun.

We are also wonderful helpers!  We help pick-up our toys and help each other.  Our teacher encourages us to put on our own shoes and socks, jackets, hats, wash up at the sink and even use the potty.  Miss Denise encourages us to use our words and try but she will always help us!  Around 11:30 we enjoy lunch.  Even then the learning continues.  We wash up before lunch and select a favorite place at the lunch table.  We try so hard to use our spoons, forks and napkins.  You will be very proud!  After lunch we play outside (weather permitting).  Before nap time we learn to use the potty before we plop on our mats (and boy are we ready!).  Our afternoon continues with potty time, snack, outside play and afternoon activities.

In order to provide you with any necessary information about our day you will be provided with a daily Report Card. Important details of our day will be provided to you…such as how much we ate, our favorite activities, our disposition, bowel movements, urination, nap times, and anything else we feel you should know.  Throughout the year we may provide you with developmental information so that you can be assured that your toddler’s behavior is quite normal!  We are also a valuable resource for any difficulties your child may be experiencing with transitions, separation, toilet training, etc…If you have a specific concern, please let us know.

Our goal is to work together with you to provide the best care for your child.

The Toddlers,
Miss Denise and the Clubhouse Staff

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