Our Pre-Kindergarten classroom has 12 children and Miss Melanie is our teacher. She has been teaching at The Clubhouse since 2011. Miss Melanie has her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and Psychology. She came to us with six years of prior experience working as an Early Child Educator including working in Salem’s program for children with special needs. She enjoys introducing the children to a variety of experiences and she challenges them on a daily basis to try new things.

Please contact us for a “Weekly Lesson Plan” and a “Welcome Letter”

Below is a copy of our Pre-K Daily Schedule for the school year 2013-2014

TimeEventWe are learning:
6:30-9:00Children arrive and are greeted each morning. Teacher supervised play.
9:00Our Morning Begins with Breakfast/ Provided by The ClubhouseTake turns washing hands; Set the table; Sit together/wait for friends; Share in conversations; Discuss the days events; Clean-up after ourselves
9:30Circle Time CalendarLetter of the week, Personal name recognition & spelling; Days of the week, Months of the year,
Sign language, Spanish ABC’s, 1,2,3's
WeatherDiscuss today’s weather, what do we wear
Children Pick Their Jobs for the DayTeacher helper, Line leader, Weatherman, Chair stacker, Light helper, Lunch helper, etc.
Show & Tell
Songs, Stories, Games
On Wednesdays, or Thursdays for those who don’t attend
10:00Daily Lessons
Check Weekly Lesson Plan Based on monthly themes
Developing skills: Math, Science, Reading & writing readiness; Listening and following multi-step direction, Extending attention span; Hands to my-self, Eye-hand coordination, Fine motor skills, Decision making; Taking turns; Define social skills
10:45Gross Motor PlayOutside (weather permitting) or inside, yoga, parachute, dance, twister, etc
11:30Lunch Time
Provided by The Clubhouse
See AM Snack Time for skills we are learning
12:00Down TimeClean-up, Bathroom turns, Set-up our mats, Story time, Individual book time
12:45Rest Time BeginsBackground music, relax our bodies & our brains
1:30Quiet play
Check Weekly Lesson Plan
For those children, not sleeping: Sit at the table quietly so not to disturb our friends, Choose activity, Small group size with teacher
2:45Snack TimeEveryone up!!
3:15Daily Wrap-up & Free Choice Learning CentersFinish activities, clean-up room, take care of unfinished business
4:00-6:00Gross Motor PlayOutside (weather permitting) or inside,
Parent pick-up
Please contact us for a “Weekly Lesson Plan” and a “Welcome Letter”

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