Every day is a new and special day for your child. There are a maximum of eight children and one teacher, Miss Maria.  A consistent, well-rounded routine of events is offered daily.  Miss Maria started at The Clubhouse as a parent bringing her child in care. In June of 2010, she joined our staff. She is a mother of two boys and knows what it is like to work full-time and care for a family.

Here is how we spend our day:

Morning snack is served around 9:00 a.m.  This is a special time for us  as we work on many developmental skills. This time allows us to practice our table manners and social skills.   Self-help skills are demonstrated through clearing of dishes, putting utensils away and pushing in our chairs.  We are encouraged to engage in conversation at the meal table which enhances language and social skills.  Lunch time and afternoon snack time are also times when we share news about ourselves, our families and friends.

Circle Time begins around 9:30 a.m. We select books from the classroom library and talk among ourselves about the books we are enjoying.  Literacy enjoyment is emphasized daily both independently and through Miss Maria’s selected read aloud stories.  Several stories are read throughout the day.  We become involved in the story by guessing what may happen next, identifying with characters in the book and recalling specific events that happen in the story.  Literacy and language skills are highly emphasized during Circle Time and throughout the day.  Songs are sung, rhythmic patterns are followed and interactive games that include shapes, letters and numbers are played out to challenge us as we develop language and communication skills within a group setting.  Once a week we enjoy “Show and Tell” which allows us to discuss an item we choose.  We answer “who, what, where” type questions before peers in an atmosphere that enhances a positive approach to public speaking and builds self-esteem.

My friends and I have a variety of activities to choose from following Circle Time.  Miss Maria’s activities are geared toward encouraging curiosity, exploration and expression through art, sensory and dramatic play.  We are all provided with opportunities to explore and learn different topics daily and engage in activities that are especially interesting. Teacher directed activities are designed to assist us in following directions; manipulating writing and art tools appropriately and gaining a sense of self accomplishment when our projects are complete. Miss Maria involves us in a way that we feel motivated to engage in the multiple options available to us daily.

Thematic units are offered each month.  Some examples include fire safety, dental care, farm animals and holidays. The Clubhouse sponsors special guests such as firefighters, dental hygienists, magicians, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, as well as field trips to the Fire Station, Karate schools and Charmingfare Farm.  A few of these are offered at an additional minimal fee.

Our goal is to provide the best quality care for each child in a safe, caring, educational environment that promotes a healthy and exciting atmosphere as they develop skills for future success during their early childhood.

From Our PreSchool (3-Year Class)
Miss Maria and the Entire
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