Welcome to our Full-Day Kindergarten Program.

Our Kindergarten Classroom has 10 children and Miss Tammy is our teacher. She has her Bachelors Degree from the University of New Hampshire has been working with young children since 2006. Miss Tammy joined The Clubhouse in September  2016.  She loves teaching math and working with children on their reading skills, which she easily incorporates into our language arts program. Miss Tammy uses a “hands on” approach to learning. When you are in the classroom, take a minute to look around the classroom and enjoy the children’s work. Below you will find a Sample lesson plan for one week in November. Take notice of the many areas and ways of learning each child experiences.

Daily Schedule and Classroom Welcome Letter Available on Request

Week of: 11/11 – 11/15
Week 11
Letter of the Week “ E / e ”

Weekly Curriculum: Veteran’s Day & Cooperation
Monthly Curriculum: Native Americans & Pilgrims

Circle Time
9:45 AM
Veteran’s Day
What are the Armed Forces & what to they do?
Make a class list of “E/e” words. Learning to wait your turn.Show & Tell
Bring an item that starts with “F”
Learn about the 1st Thanksgiving, Group discussionMohawk Bean Game - The Dish play with Wampom
1st Project
10:15 AM
Make Christmas Cards to send to Veterans. Trace & cut triangles, big to small, glueing.“E/e” Sound Project. Work in small groups.Boy & Girl Pilgrims: Begin Thanksgiving Mural. Start with water color paintsMake Turkeys: Trace hand print for feathers/foot print for neck & headNumber Patterns: Cut & glue correct number to finish pattern
Teacher Planned
Free Play
Native American Life. Sorting & Matching with
Coloring Pages
Bring out Teepees - A Native American Village.Making Patterns: Chain links & Pegs w/pegboard
Sight word testing in small groups
Day 1 of 2
Making Patterns:
Chain links & Peg w/pegboard
Cont - Sight work testing in small groups
Make Native American Necklaces:
Patterns, Multi-step directions; Fine Motor Skills
2nd Project
2:20 PM
Indian Corn - Glue colored popcorn kernels on corn shape & add husk.Weave place mats to use for Thanksgiving Lunch.Finish Pilgrims:
Multi-step, cutting, gluing onto paper tubes. Following directions
Make Native American Headbands. Discuss how warriors earned their feathers.Write E’s
Practice correct pencil grip & posture

Trading Game
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